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downloadCWACmdLineGUI-300321.zipWhy can't I download this file?

Run the downloaded Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services Setup.exe from the 2103-01-00-01 folder. If you see a prerequisites screen, then click Install to install the prerequisites. In the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services page, click Next. Precursor: I work as Corporate IT, Citrix is not my bread and butter, and dont have full control of the storefront due to it being siloed. Requests can be made to the team that controls the main servers to do changes. We are currently working on a new deployment of Citrix Workspace App 1911.

Applicable Products

  • Citrix Workspace App
  • Receiver

Created Date: 09/05/2017
Modified Date:03/30/2021


Citrix Workspace app CommandLine tool is a graphical user interface to help Citrix administrators configuring advanced installation options for Citrix Workspace app.
All options from are shown using checkboxes or lists to ease their selection.
It has been designed to work with Citrix Receiver 4.7 up to Citrix Workspace app 2103.1


Citrix Workspace Force Install

Installing Citrix Workspace app CommandLine

How to Use Citrix Workspace app CommandLine

When launching the tool, the below screen is shown
Select the options required to be configured during installation.
The “Store and Device integration” tab allows to configure the stores (using the “Store” button) as well as Start menu or desktop integration.
The “Miscellaneous & Auto Update” tab helps to define settings for the autoupdate feature of Citrix Workspace app, as well as other features (prelaunch, URL redirection, app protection...)
When the mouse is over an option, contextual help is displayed, providing additional information as shown below.
If “Allow stores addition” or “Allow save password” are changed to “Secure and unsecure stores”, the required registry change for this setting is included.
When clicking “Generate CmdLine”, the content of the first textbox (starting by “CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe” or “CitrixReicever.exe” based on selected version) is copied in the clipboard.
When clicking “Save as batch file”, a dialogbox pops up asking for a location to save a batch file. A .cmd file is generated with the content of the two textboxes.

Security Permissions Required by Citrix Workspace app CommandLine

Data Modified by Citrix Workspace app CommandLine

Citrix Workspace Force Installation

Uninstalling Citrix Workspace app CommandLine

1. Delete the folder where you unzipped the files.

Uninstall citrix appCitrix Workspace Force Install

Contact Information

Questions? Concerns? Send any feedback for this tool to [email protected]


Citrix Workspace App Install Switches

Citrix workspace force uninstall

Citrix Workspace Install Commands

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