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Go to and use my Promo Code DUCKY3D to sign up for Zyro and get 30% offIn this video I will walk through the basics of what. When you activate smooth shading on disconnected faces, Blender treats each one individually and it looks like flat shading because each face's boundary is handled independently from its neighboring faces. Learn some incredible anime-style toon shading techniques in Octane for Blender by OTOY 3D artist, Lino Grandi in our newest Studio Session. What tutorial do. Mesh ‣ Shading Alternatively, you can choose which faces to smooth by entering Edit Mode, then selecting some faces and picking Shade Smooth from the Face Menu. When the mesh is in Edit Mode, only the selected faces will receive the “smoothing” attribute. Blender is Free and Open Source SoftwareDownload: core Blender development - tutorial is p.

Blender Cell Shading – Bed Canopy Patterns – Shade Coverings.

Blender Cell Shading

Blender shading smooth

    cell shading

  • Cel-shaded animation (also known as Cel shading or Toon shading) is a type of non-photorealistic rendering designed to make computer graphics appear to be hand-drawn. Cel-shading is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon.
  • A style of rendering done to give graphics a cartoony look. One example is XIII – [3]
  • A term used to describe a 3D “Rendering” technique where the characters and objects and colored and outlined as in an cartoon.


  • A blender (occasionally liquidiser in British English and occasionally vitamiser in Australian English) is a kitchen appliance used to mix ingredients or puree food. Blenders are also used to prepare emulsions, such as mayonnaise, and cream soups.
  • Blender is the fifth studio album by Collective Soul, released in October 2000 (see 2000 in music). The album is considered by many to be the band’s most pop-oriented album to date, and includes the single, “Why, Pt.2”.
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Niyaya nya kami sa kubeta


Blender Shading Hotkey

Banyo Queen — with cell shading effect

Quijopito y el Monstruo Bailongo

Blender Shading After Saving And Closing

Made with Blender 2.37

If you've heard the term 'Anisotropic' thrown around the blender community recently, it's because the last release (2.65) included a new blender shader called Anisotropy.This new shader allows you to create some complex materials like brushed metal, vinyl, saucepans, kitchen sinks and other materials which have been sanded.

It's kinda like the glossy shader but nerdier.

In this tutorial I'll be giving you some in-depth information on what it is, when it should be used and how to use it.


Finished Result

Download the HDR kitchen lighting probe used in the tutorial here.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you create something cool, post it in the comments below :)