Best Rated Small Suv 2020

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Buying a brand new SUV can be expensive, and that’s why we spend so much time and energy researching potential options. We travel to dealerships to test drive what we think we might like, but there are so many options that it’s impossible to test drive them all. There are popular options like the Mazda CX-5 that people love, and according to websites like Consumer Reports, the evidence seems to agree with these two options.

The Best Small and Compact SUVs For 2020. Segments of compact and subcompact SUVs are real money makers for most companies. Therefore, it’s no wonder that production cycles are getting shorter and shorter. The upcoming year will bring numerous novelties in the segment, including several redesigns, as well as an introduction of several. View the top-ranked 2021 Compact SUVs at U.S. See how the 2021 Honda CR-V, 2021 Mazda CX-5 & 2021 Kia Sportage compare with the rest.

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Best Rated Small Luxury Suv 2020

What makes a good compact SUV

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when it comes to deciding what makes a good compact SUV stand out from the rest. You want something that doesn’t require a lot of compromises, and the best options are usually the ones that offer more than their competition without raising the price.

There are also a lot of reasons why owning a compact SUV is the happy compromise for family vehicles, and according to Consumer Reports, these are the best all-around options. That means that they require less compromise, and give you more smiles-per-mile.

2020 Mazda CX-5

The price tag of the 2020 Mazda CX-5 might be the first thing to catch your attention — and it should. There is a whole lot of SUV for the surprisingly affordable price of $25,190, though higher trim levels can take you as far as nearly $40,000. They are comfortable to drive and ride in, responsible, and you can drive them in almost any weather condition. On top of that, people recognize the Mazda brand for being reliable, so the option to buy one brand new without blowing your budget seems more than appealing.

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Best Rated Small Suv 2020 Consumer Reports

2020 Subaru Forester

Best Rated Small Suv 2020 Luxury

The 2020 Subaru Forester is no hidden secret. Like the MX-5, drivers already recognize these cars for their capabilities on and off the road. It’s also popular for the modest price tag, and while Subaru isn’t quite the luxury brand that we get from other affordable options like the Volvo XC40, the versatility and comfort more than makeup for it.

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No matter what option you chose, if its including these two or not, there are a lot of great options for compact SUV. Whether you are looking for a lot of different capabilities or the latest and greatest safety features, buying a new SUV is all about getting the best bang for your buck.

Segments of compact and subcompact SUVs are real money makers for most companies. Therefore, it’s no wonder that production cycles are getting shorter and shorter. The upcoming year will bring numerous novelties in the segment, including several redesigns, as well as an introduction of several completely new models. Among the most interesting redesign, the new Nissan Just definitely deserves one of the leading positions. Also, we are about to see a couple of big comebacks, such as arrivals of models like Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender. Also, the VW Group will bring to us a couple of all-new models. Other manufacturers won’t offer redesigns, but many of them will still have plenty of new things to offer. The popular Honda CR-V is about to receive a facelift, while the recently-redesigned Porsche Cayenne is about to get a new Coupe version.

Check out some of the most interesting novelties for the next year:

2020 Nissan Juke

Best small suv awd 2020

The 2020 Nissan Juke is one of the models that are coming completely new for the next year. The new model has been spotted on the road and it looks like it is in the final stage of development. Although a completely camouflaged, it definitely shows that there is no place for conventional styling solutions. Besides recognizably funky styling, it will also come with completely new mechanics, based on the new version of the well-known CMF-B platform. Practically, most parts will be shared with the recently redesigned Renault Clio, including powertrain. Therefore, count on two gasoline engines, 1.0- and 1.3-liter units, with 99 and 125 horsepower, respectively. Renault’s famous 1.5-liter dCi diesel should be in the offer as well. Finally, the new 2020 Nissan Juke should be available with a hybrid powertrain as well. That should be a system based on a 1.6-liter gasoline engine.

2020 Volvo XC40

Rankings Of 2020 Suv

After the last-year introduction, we expect that the 2020 Volvo XC40 won’t feature any important changes. The second production year will bring to us a familiar design, which includes an XC90-inspired styling, but lots of new design solutions as well. This crossover is definitely one of the best choices among subcompact luxury crossover. It offers powerful engines, amazing driving characteristics and even better comfort.

On the inside, this crossover features probably the nicest cabin in the class, full of hi-quality materials and latest tech features. All this clearly indicates that the 2020 Volvo XC40 is about to carry on in the same way. When it comes to the powertrain, base models are equipped with a three-cylinder unit, but bigger turbo-fours are definitely a better choice. In Europe, you can count on two diesel options as well.

Best 2020 compact suv

2020 Honda CR-V

The current, fifth generation of this amazing compact crossover is getting close to the middle of its production cycle, so it won’t be a surprise if 2020 Honda CR-V comes with a palette of changes. Of course, that would be a typical facelift, with aesthetical changes in the focus. In practice, these facelifts are mostly about changes on the front fascia, grille, and bumper, but headlights could get some revisions as well. On the other side, the overall layout will definitely remain the same, though new color options are possible as well.

On the inside, the 2020 Honda CR-V is expected to carry on with its well-built cabin, which offers amazing overall quality. The aspect that is expected to receive a lot of updates is the list of standard safety features, which is currently very modest and includes a rearview camera only. Rivals are way ahead in this aspect, so Honda will have to do something for the next year.

2020 Land Rover Defender

After a short break, we are about to see a completely new 2020 Land Rover Defender. The iconic model was in production for decades. Despite several updates, it remained largely unchanged for all those years. Things are finally about to change, as the upcoming model is something completely new. It is in the final stage of development and the company promises it will be as rugged as the original.

On the other side, it will come with a completely new design, which will provide significantly better efficiency and completely new styling. While the famous boxy shape remains, the 2020 Land Rover Defender features the brands latest design language and takes a lot of inspiration from models like Discovery and Range Rover. It will come in two body styles in the offer, with either two or five doors. We are still waiting for some details about powertrain.

2020 Small Suv Comparison Chart

2020 Porsche Cayenne

After the recent complete overhaul, the second production year of the famous SUV is about to bring us a completely new version, which will come as the 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe. As you may presume, the new version will come with a modern coupe body layout, which in practice mean sloping roof design. While the overall look will be more attractive compared to the regular model, it won’t be too practical and functional. Typically for coupe layouts, it will come with less headroom in the second row and with the significantly smaller cargo area. When it comes to the powertrain, things will be pretty much the same.

Base models will come with a familiar 3.0-liter V6 that delivers around 340 horsepower and 335 pound-feet of torque. The Porsche’s famous 2.9-liter V6 will be in the offer as well, with a max output of around 440 horsepower. Finally, count on a 4.0-liter V8, which delivers around 550 horses.

2020 Ford Bronco

One of the biggest comebacks for the next year will be the new 2020 Ford Bronco. After decades of absence from the market, the famous SUV is coming back. This time, things will be a little bit different. The new model will compete in the segment of mid-size SUVs. It will come with a conventional body-on-frame platform, based on the Ranger pickup truck. Still, it will come with completely different aesthetics. The styling should be pretty distinctive and latest reports suggest that we are about to see both 3- and 5-door versions in the offer. The new model should be very off-road capable, while the range of engines will be wide as well. Count on a range of familiar EcoBoost units in the offer, but don’t be surprised if you see a diesel version in the offer as well.

2020 Jaguar I-Pace

Although it looks more like a hatchback than a crossover, the I-Pace competes among small SUVs and it is currently one of the kind, with its all-electric powertrain. It came recently as an all-new model and it has plenty of things to offer. Of course, the powertrain takes the main spot. There is a couple of electric motors, which ensures a combined output of almost 400 horsepower. Such numbers are enough to ensure amazing performances, which includes 0-60 time in just 4.5 seconds. The battery is pretty big, so it’s no wonder this crossover can make up to 240 miles on a single range, which sounds pretty impressive. Some reports suggest a new, extended-range version for the next year but we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. A couple of additions in terms of standard equipment is possible as well.

2020 Mazda CX-3

If we can rely on the latest reports, it looks like the Japanese carmaker is preparing bigger changes than we initially expected. Despite the fact that the current model is on the market for only four years, it looks like the 2020 Mazda CX-3 will come completely redesigned. The current model has often been criticized for its tight cabin, so the new model is about to become bigger. Count on more inches both in wheelbase and overall length. Of course, the new model will come with a new styling as well, based on the new Mazda 3. All in all, the new crossover will be prettier and more functional but should be more efficient as well.

Small Suv 2020 Comparison

Latest reports suggest that the 2020 Mazda CX-3 will come with the company’s new SkyActive X engine, which is expected to provide significantly better efficiency, which would in practice mean much more power and much higher mpg ratings.

2020 Jeep Renegade

The Renegade may be small, but it is a very capable SUV, which can handle even some pretty hard terrains. However, it is getting older every year, so constant updates are needed. After the last-year facelift, the company prepares another big novelty. Allegedly, the 2020 Jeep Renegade will come with a completely new, plug-in hybrid powertrain. This will be the first time to see one Jeep model with such powertrain, so expectations are pretty big. The current engine lineup will remain unchanged, so count on a plethora of gasoline versions, as well as on two diesel units, which are available in Europe. The current generation of this subcompact SUV is expected to carry on for several more years. Given all these updates, it looks like we won’t see a redesign soon.

Best Rated Small Suv 2020

2020 VW T-Cross

As one of the biggest carmakers in the world, VW definitely needs an entry-level crossover and it looks like the new 2020 VW T-Cross’ timing is perfect. We are getting ready for the new subcompact SUV, which is about to hit the market in about two months. As you may presume, it will be heavily based on the famous Polo hatchback, with familiar design language and the cabin that looks pretty much identical.

At this point, we are still waiting for a complete of engines in the offer. We know for sure that base models will come with a small 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with around 110 horsepower. A new 1.5-liter TSI will be in the offer as well. This one delivers around 150 horsepower. Of course, we count on a diesel version as well, probably with a 95-hp 1.6-liter TDI engine. A hi-performance version is expected in the future, probably in about a year.

2020 Skoda SUV

The Czech carmaker is also expanding its lineup and the next year is about to bring us another crossover. It will be the biggest we’ve seen from this company, a new flagship crossover. It will be based on the company’s familiar MQB platform and compete in the segment of mid-size SUVs. Skoda already promises several advantages compared to the competition. Among them, we count on a huge cargo area, as Skoda models traditionally have the biggest trunks their classes.

In terms of styling, the new model will be heavily based on the recent Vision X concept. On the other side, the powertrain lineup should consist of common VW engines, including 1.5- and 2.0-liter gasoline units, as well as 1.6-liter TDI oil-burner as well. The new 2020 Skoda SUV will have a premiere on the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.