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Winter's Sidewinder Standard Shifter

4l80e shifter in a c-10

The Quick 4 controller makes your 4L60E, 4L80E, 4R70W, E4OD, or 4R100 transmission work in a wide variety of vehicles, including ones not originally equipped with electronic control. It also allows customization of the transmission's behavior with user-friendly software. Co2 Kit For Shifter 1.75 (1 3/4) Bar Mount +$275.00 Application - 2 Speed Powerglide FORWARD Pattern 2 Speed 400 FORWARD Pattern 3 Speed Turbo 400 REVERSE Pattern 3 Speed Turbo 400 REVERSE Pattern w/ Safe/Clean Neutral 4L80 (NO AIR RAM) 4L80 W/ Air Ram +$50.00. SHIFT KIT® Valve Body Repair Kit Fits 1991-13 4L80E, 4L85E 4L80E-HD2. Reprogramming Kit™.

Winters Sidewinder Shifter's rugged, jam-proof design allows you to slam it into gear while fail-safe shift gate design makes it virtually impossible to accidently shift into reverse. Available in Standard or Reverse Pattern*. All Winter's Sidewinder Shifters include shifter linkage kit, and 5' shifter cable.
*Reverse Pattern Shifter for use with Reverse Pattern Valve Body.

We offer shifter models for GM TH 350,400, 700R4, 4L80E, Ford C-4, C-6, AOD, AODE, E4OD, and Chrysler TF 727/8, TF 904, and Toyota A340 or Jeep AW4.

*New Toyota-Jeep shifter available now. Fits Toyota A340 or Jeep AW4 automatic transmissions.

Also available as optional flush mount version at no extra charge. Select WNTR9103 when ordering.Please note when you order this WNTR9103 flush mount option, Winter's removes the plastic housing and installs universal flush mount side plates as shown below. This option is designed to mount the shifter in your console or dash.

Universal Flush Mount Side Plate (P/N 6636-02) is also available separately to convert standard shifter to flush mount. (requires 2)

Please note that shifters with '1R' suffix have a notched shift gate and are intended for off-road use. All other reverse style shifters with -2 suffix are intended for drag racing.

Sku List:

WNTR107-1 Shifter T-400 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR107-1RShifter T-400 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR107-2Shifter T-400 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR157-1Shifter T-350 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR157-2Shifter T-350 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR177-1Shifter T-700R4 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR187-1 Shifter 4L80E Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR187-1R Shifter 4L80E Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR197-1 Shifter Allison LCT1000, 2000, & 2400 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR207-1Shifter Torqueflite 8 / 727 / American Motors Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR207-1RShifter Torqueflite 8 / 727 / American Motors Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR207-2Shifter Torqueflite 8 / 727 / American Motors Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR257-1Shifter TF-904 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR257-2Shifter TF-904 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR307-1Shifter C-6 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR307-1RShifter C-6 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR307-2Shifter C-6 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR317-1Shifter AOD Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR327-1Shifter AODE &4R70E Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR337-1Shifter E4OD & 4R100 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR347-1Shifter A4LD Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR357-1Shifter C-4 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR357-1RShifter C-4 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR357-2Shifter C-4 Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR507-1Shifter Powerglide Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR507-2Shifter Powerglide Rev. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR607-1Shifter Toyota A340 or Jeep AW4 Std. Pattern Winters Price: $235
WNTR6636-02Side Plate Flush Mount Side Plate-Each Black Price: $29.95
WNTR9103Flush Mount Option No Extra Charge Price:

So far, we are able to continue normal business operations amidst the COVID-19 epidemic with most of our team members operating remotely from home. We have a limited and isolated shipping team who are taking necessary steps to disinfect their workspace and ensure that our products are safe and virus-free prior to shipment. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the virus and we hope for a quick recovery for everyone.


10R80 Beta Testing Coming Soon

November 16, 2020
We are making great progress on implementing support for the Ford 10R80 transmission. After developing new tuning tools, we've been able to streamline the calibration development process. We plan to begin limited beta testing in early 2021. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the progress of the 10R80 project.

4l80e Shifter

US Shift Patent News

November 6, 2020
On September 8th, 2020, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Baumann Electronic Controls patent number 10,767,759 for our transmission control system, as employed in all of our Quick controllers. This new patent is in addition to our first patent, 10,100,922.

SEMA Show 2020

August 5, 2020
Due to Covid-19 and concerns that event facilities and services will be unavailable, the SEMA Show will not be taking place in 2020. We are looking forward to attending in 2021 and look forward to meeting with customers and friends in the industry then!

US Shift Transmission Control Systems

US Shift transmission control systems from Baumann Electronic Controls represent the state of the art in electronic transmission control. US Shift products are cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to use for high-performance and heavy-duty applications. US Shift products are equally well suited to the finest street rods, 8-second drag cars, off-road vehicles, high-powered diesels, motor-homes, and specialty applications. US Shift controllers feature the smallest size, most useful features, and greatest value of any transmission controller on the market. Best of all, they are proudly made in the USA.

Our 18 years of transmission control experience have provided us with a working knowledge of what customers want most. Modern electronics technology and innovative design allow us to deliver the best features and performance with minimal size and cost. We believe there is no better transmission control system available at any price. Once you compare the features of US Shift to the competition, we are certain that you will agree.

US Shift products are the only transmission controllers on the market with a native USB interface and free tuning software for fast and easy PC connectivity with no adapter cables. The US Shift Quick6, Quick4, and Quick2 controllers feature an OLED display and rotary control. Displayed parameters include transmission fluid temperature, current gear / mode, vehicle speed, TPS voltage, and battery voltage. The easy-to-use, graphical built-in tuning interface allows the most common settings to be changed without using a PC or laptop. For most users, the built-in tuning interface will be adequate to dial-in their transmission, while the ultra-fast USB interface and intuitive Windows-based tuning software will satisfy even the most advanced tuners for no extra cost.

4l80e Shifter Cable Bracket


4l80e Push Button Shifter


Our wiring harnesses are constructed from high-temperature, automotive-grade cross-linked polyethylene (GXL / TXL) wire and utilize the correct original equipment connectors for each transmission. The standard wiring harnesses are complete and require as few as three connections to produce an operating transmission.

The design of US Shift controllers and wiring harnesses are optimized to simplify installation and troubleshooting. Like our intuitive tuning software, our installation manuals are straightforward, well illustrated, and easy to follow. We also have ample, experienced technical staff to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns that you may have.

Most importantly, you will find that Baumann Electronic Controls is 100% dedicated to product reliability and customer satisfaction. All US Shift products come with a five-year full replacement / repair warranty and the best technical support in the industry, so you can be confident in choosing our products.

Tci 4l80e Shifter

I contacted US Shift to see if anything was in the works and they were in the middle of Quick 6 development. I stayed in regular contact with Jake, and one day the Quick 6 became a reality. I was offered a Beta Tester slot and I jumped at the opportunity. This turned out to be a great experience. There were a couple of hiccups at first, but Karl was right there to work through it. Once we got the initial settings worked out, I began adjusting the tune. This time, I was able to take full advantage of the Quick 6 software (no constant-pressure valve-body). It was very easy to navigate and any questions I had were immediately answered. I spent a lot of time perfecting the programming to my liking.


Mike I.
Tyler, Texas

I wanted to thank you all for your amazing product. I purchased a Quick 4 for my built GM 4L80E in January of 2017. I finally finished my truck. The shifts are perfect. Could not ask for a better product. The use of a Laptop makes the shift points even better. Thanks again.


Brian J.

I purchased a Quick 4 transmission controller to replace the [competitor's] controller in my 1970 Chevelle. I had been running the [competitor's] unit for several years and it worked OK, but was a royal pain to program and did not offer multiple tables like the Quick 4 does. My wife was not fond of riding in my Chevelle because it shifted so hard, which was what I wanted. The Quick 4 allows me to have a shifting profile for the wife, one for me, and an additional two to use for whatever. With the flip of a switch or the turn of a knob, I can switch between the tables and please my wife or myself.


David H.
Centennial, Colorado

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